Bonnie Ziskin

Viewers of my artwork can sense that I am happy.  Through my projects in fused glass and  acrylic /mixed media , I express a bright mood through both color and design.  

I began showing my art about 4 months after making my first pieces.  After showings

in my studio and several juried art fairs,  I found that others liked what I was doing.

Knowing that people liked my art gave me so much drive to continue creating what I love.

Most of my courage to enter the art world came after surviving two battles of Stage IV Lung Cancer where  I LOST MY FEAR OF FAILURE!!!!  Now art is just pouring out of me and I can`t stop!  I am having so much fun that I feel guilty!!   If people leave my studio with a smile on their face, my mission is accomplished. 

Please enjoy my artwork,

Enjoy life to the fullest!


Naples Studio:

Artisian Plaza #20 

5760 Shirley St. Naples FL, 34109

By Appointment